Monday, March 31, 2008

At the Alter of Musical Greatness

There is a place I want to be every Sunday. If I had the chance I would show up
early, stay late and worship completely. My church is called The Saxon Pub and it is located in Austin Texas.

This particular night of the week is devoted to the most amazing collection of musicians Austin has to offer.

Stephen Bruton, Jon Dee Graham, Scrappy Jud Newcomb, Bruce Hughes and John Chapman are The Resentments.

Do yourself a favor and listen to what these guys have to offer. Individually and together they are amazing.


Sunday, March 30, 2008

The Countdown Begins!!!!!!!

11 Days Until I am in the presence of this Pretty Thing!

Zach Galifiankis

I'm so excited!


yeah I am totally not counting the day I get to see him

Thursday, March 27, 2008

There are so many reasons to love him....

Let's say it together........Patrick Warburton is amazing!

Not only is he hilarious, handsome, and gigantic he also voices some of my favorite characters on tv and in the movies today. If it is animated Patrick is there and Patrick is awesome.

He has a special place in my heart and this is why:

It is no secret that I adore The Tick. Patrick played The Tick with perfection. As a fan of the cartoon (and comic book, and superawesome Tick creator Ben Edlund) I was thrilled with Patrick's spot on portrayal of the big blue goon of justice.

Did I mention that he is a great actor as well?

I'm a fan!


Monday, March 3, 2008

A Real Tosser!

This photo is the work of the talented Olugbenro Ogunsemore

Olympic javeliner (?) Breaux Greer is hot and he knows it. Perfectly chiseled body, striking good looks and a cajun accent (or so it is told), make this man in the trifecta of sexy.

In a recent ESPN Magazine article he was quoted as having a plan if the javelin thing doesn't pan out. He said " I think I'll do porn. That's something I know I do well."

My Breaux!!!!

Obscure sport or not he is very drool worthy. Don't you agree??