Sunday, October 26, 2008

Sam I Am....................

To all the folks that are enjoying the interesting new ABC series Life On Mars,

I hope you realize that this is a remake of one of the most amazing television shows to every be created called......................Life On Mars!!! Funny isn't it?

If you poke around this little blog of mine you will find references to this amazing and short lived (on purpose) show.

Now that this has been cleared up I want to say for all my love of the BBC version I really do like the new US version.

In honor of both versions of Life On Mars...........I bring you:

The Two Faces of Sam Tyler

This is the amazing John Simm who won my heart as the original Sam Tyler

This is the Irish hottie Jason O'Mara who currently fills all my needs as Sam Tyler

Of the two I would still rather watch the original for so many reasons including but not limited to the fabulous Philip Glenister as hard ass Gene Hunt.

Look, if you like the ABC version (which I watch weekly) you should check out the original. If you can't find it and would like to, contact me.


Wednesday, October 1, 2008

We can still be friends............

Jeremy Shockey courtesy of Sports Illustrated
This girl will be in New Orleans in December and I have plans to see this gorgeous guy..........wouldn't you?