Sunday, January 27, 2008

I'm Keen On Eddie......I Mean Mark

The very idea of Mark Valley makes this girl giddy.



Madam M said...

He looks very wholesome.

That Girl said...

I think he looks tasty. Yes, wholesome and tasty.

Jen said...

Is that show still on?

While we do differ some on who... (whom?) ... we find pretty, I agree whole heartedly with this one.

That Girl said...

They are replaying Keen Eddie on the Chiller channel!!!!
Hooray satellite tv.

He is very lovely isn't he??

Dani said...

So chiseled! Thanks for the pictures!

That Girl said...

Dani! You have excellent taste!

I was thrilled to see Mark in the premier episode of Fringe, but that didn't last long........I will be keeping my fingers crossed for more (shirtless)Mark!

Valley Girl said...

Mark Valley is my guilty pleasure.

I recently got the DVD's for Boston Legal and watched Seasons 1&2 in about 3 days because of him.

I think he is the perfect blend of wholesome and sexy. I can't decide whether I want to bake him cookies or spank him.

That Girl said...

Why not both?

Valley Girl said...

I found out today that Mark got married!! Sigh...Anna Torv is a lucky girl.

I sensed a chemistry when I saw them together and apparently it was true.

Anna gets to take Mark home every night. Well I guess the spanking will be up to her but maybe I can still send him cookies.

How does anyone else feel about the newly married Mark?

That Girl said...

I can't imagine anyone not having great chemistry with Mark. Anna is a very lucky girl indeed.

That doesn't mean a girl can't dream,
does it?

Anonymous said...

a bas je slatkica taj mark... :-)